Paul Cuffaro Brand Custom Wristbands

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Ink injected Wristbands.... 1 Size adult only.


Color list go's in photo order.. Please pick your color


- 100% Medical Grade Silicone - Latex Free

-  8" Circumference x 1/2 Height x 2mm Thickness

-  Individual Custom PC Brand Bagging


(Please Note the image shown is an example of what the wristband is, But there are many color options)


PC Brand for every style

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YOU are the reason we created the Brand...

We created PC Brand because our Pauls fans wanted to represent us. The brand was created for you by Paul to give you something you and your friends can all talk about.. Thank you for supporting us on this journey we have come a long way


My son has always been a huge fan of Paul and every year

for the holidays or birthdays all he asks for is PC Brand.. Thank

for the great service when something is needed and most of all

THANK YOU for being an inspiration to my son!

Jannet Kelly

I love how everyone in PC brand always try's and helps resolve any problems that may arise and i LOVE my PC Products! My hoodie is so soft and i just love it!

Brett Robinson

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