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                                                  Paul Cuffaro Brand       

Paul’s love for fishing, the water and marine life started at the early age of

4 years old. Growing up in Jupiter FL, he spent just about everyday fishing

off the Juno Beach Pier. Once he and his friends were old enough to be out and about, Paul started spending every waking hour exploring every local water hole, lake or inlet he could find with rod and reel in hand.


He started posting his fishing adventures on Instagram and quickly became

noticed by many people that shared his passion. At 14 years old he started working at The Juno Bait Shop, where he continued to work for 2 and a half years.

He had been telling the owner Todd since he was about 6 years old that he would work there one day! 


Within several years, he had a huge Instagram following and soon to follow many offers from sponsors from rod, reel, tackle, bait and clothing companies. Paul was making money doing what he loved as well as sharing and teaching other kids, men & women how to do it.


Upon noticing the popularity of his Instagram account, Paul decided to start utilizing

his already active but not often used You Tube channel in the summer of 2017.

He quickly rose to his now 440,000 subscribers who refer to themselves as the “Cuffaro’s”.


Paul had always wanted to build his own pond and in the fall of 2017, he decided to get his shovel out and start digging and vlogging it. He never stopped constantly changing and growing his backyard ponds. This was a huge hit with his You Tube subscribers and Paul became the fastest growing fishing channel on You Tube. These social media platforms have fostered many relationships for networking and growth as well as incredible friendships. He has since joined forces with the Big man himself Greg Wittstock,,”The Pond Guy” and many other of the top You Tubers in his genre filming and traveling all over the country doing what he loves and making a living at it… and he’s only 17 years old.

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